Syntek DC-1125 Camera Driver Project

Our target 174f:a311 (and 174f:a821 and 05E1:0501) - Syntek Semicon USB2.0 Video - on Linux Logo
How to help the development

 There are several ways to help us in our task, they are listed here below, if you're not a C programmer, provide us with logfiles and theories, however, if you "can C", help us by writing the code. Any patches that improve stability could help.

Have you still got Win installed?

 First of all we need usb snooping logs of the device's behaviour. Please collect as much different situations as you can and zip up the logfiles. Try to keep your snooping addiction under control, a 10 second session gives megabytes of data, attach a description of the actions taken while you were snooping along with the file, so we wouldn't be running blind here. An ideal match would be where you start logging, grab a picture from the device and stop logging.

Can you write C ?

 It's always a good idea to have some extra hands on the code, but at first try to get familiar with the topic, using an usb device is not as simple as good old times of COM or LPT ports ... :
USB 2.0 Specification
Linux USB:

Try to play around with the source, grab the current testing version and modify it as you think it should be done. The svn tree is open to you as well, so just fire ahead with the kernel driver if you are content enough.

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